About Max Construction Company

DJM Builders, Inc. DBA Max Construction Company specializes in commercial, restaurant and retail construction and multi-residential dwelling. The company’s continued growth can be directly attributed to its quality workmanship, expedited scheduling concepts, a commitment to value engineering principles, and a dedication to providing superior customer service proving Max Construction Company to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

Max Construction Is Available For Work In The Following States

Max Construction Company
Max Construction Builds Applebees
Max Construction Builds Rite Aid
Max Construction Builds Sunoco

One key area of Max Construction’s expertise lies in fast-paced major remodel and roll- out projects that are performed while the stores remain open. There is an experienced team, comprised of project managers, superintendents, and subcontractors, which completes these types of projects quickly and cost-effectively. Our start-up staff takes great pride in getting the “prep work” done correctly and communicated to the superintendent. They work closely with operations in order to manage a 24 hour per day schedule, if required, with minimal disruption to operations. Many of these have been performed while doing multiple stores concurrently, completing them in record time resulting in unsurpassed customer satisfaction.